Equine Formula

Benefits for Equine Athletes

Equine athletes generate tremendous speed and force during activity, stretching their tendons and ligaments to very near the breaking point and compressing and twisting bones and joints. Repetitive wear and tear cause micro damage to all of these structures, which is normally repaired. A single traumatic event, or cumulative damage that is in excess of the ability of the repair process, can cause macro damage and initiate the cycle of joint disease.

Equine athletes who are supplemented with oral glucosamine and hyaluronic acid are provided with ample substrate for the repair process of cartilage, as well as an anti-inflammatory product without the side effects of non-steroidal medication.

Aging Horses and Arthritis

As horses age repair processes tend to slow and cumulative micro damage exceeds the capability of the muscoluskeletal system for repair. Providing oral glucosamine and hyaluronic acid supplementation provides pain relief through decrease in inflammation and provision of ample substrate for the repair process in damaged joints. Aging horses, in particular, are often affected with osteoarthritis in multiple joints from foot to back; therefore a systemic rather than localized approach to joint care is particularly effective in this group. Oral supplements are the least expensive and invasive way to give systemic joint supplements.

Joint Supplements and Rehabilitation of Injured Horses

Horses with soft tissue injuries such as bowed tendon or suspensory ligament disease often have low grade, often clinically unrecognized joint disease in the same limb as the tendon injury or in other limbs. Subtle gait changes due to low-grade arthritis may go undeteced until chronic overload of a tendon or ligament secondary to protecting sore joints causes damage to the tendon or ligament. Providing horses who are recovering from a soft tissue injury with oral glucosamine and hyaluronic acid will decrease joint inflammation and encourage joint healing while the soft tissue is being repaired. This will result in a sounder athlete after rehabilitation who is less prone to soft tissue injury.